Ready to Get Fit?? You're in the right place...



Want to make an investment in yourself? We all have tried new fitness plans, but it's not easy doing it alone! That's where the Intense Conditioning Family comes in. We will help you reach your goals. We will support you and hold you accountable. We will help you find the drive to obtain a new way of life and a new outlook on nutrition and exercise. Exercise and fitness is a way of life, not a destination...the point is to have fun while incorporating more movement into your daily lives! And to work outside your comfort zone with a support group behind you! Oh, and to have fun of course!!!! Ask yourself how your current program is working for you. Are you bored? Are you lacking motivation? Are you missing the results you are looking for? if you answered "Yes" to any of those questions....SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!! Don't wait!  

Personal Training

This is truly personalized training from day one. We gather information about your health, put you through an extensive assesment and functional movement screen. A computer doesn’t put your workout together for you, a person does. Your workouts are unique and personalized according to your goals.

Group Training

This is personalized group training for up to 8 people. You can workout with your friends and share the cost of a personal trainer, as well as have fun and help motivate each other. This setting is very similar to Personal Training and workouts are geared/tailored to fit the goals of all participants as a whole. It's also a great way to stay connected with your friends while doing something healthy!

Group Classes

Classes are geared for the individuals that need or want a group setting to workout in where the music is heart-pounding and the energy is super high. Who knows you might even make a friend or two. Strength in numbers. A variety of classes are offered, see class descriptions.